I release my grip on that which would rip 

My heart apart 

I remove myself 

From everything and everyone that does not give me rest 

I let it go 

That my soul may soar to heights unimaginable  

That my mind might capture insights  


Insights of truth, love and a liberty that is indeed free 

I let it go 

That I might know 

Who He is 

Who I am 

Where He’s called me to be 

That my heart might be full 

That my steps might be straight  

That my face might shine forth His amazing grace for others to see 

I refuse to be a prisoner of unforgiveness 

I refuse to live a life of sin and unrepentiveness 

I refuse to hold people in my heart as a prisoner  

I refuse to be poisoned  

By the venom of hate 

That will seal my fate in a dark place of  

despair and cruel condemnation  

That keeps the sun from warming my face 

Chaining down my heart from knowing love  

Keeping my spirit in the haze of a dark twisted deception that feeds me a false elation 



It Go 

I forgive me me 

For trying to arrange a safe place  

For trying to be okay  

Within a self righteous place 

I let me go 

That I might now  

The depth of love He has for my soul 

I shudder under the weight  

Of His relentless belief in me 

Cause I know just how unworthy I am 

Everyday if I must 

For I choose to radically trust  

In the one who holds me 

Sustains me 

Comforts me 

Completes me 


I let it Go.  

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