It is time to give Thanks to God for who He is

Time to give thanks for who you are

Time to give thanks no matter how dark the dark wants to be

Against you 

Against me

Against our nation – tis of thee.

This Thanksgiving we are going to lift up our voices and declare I AM FREE!

Free to hope against hope

Free to love and be loved

Free to forgive beyond what is rationale or defined by societies manipulation of the narratives gone wild

To create a deep divide between us as a national community. 

We will resist this dark agenda

By allowing our hearts to worship Him for His grace

His goodness

and His sovereign reign over America

We choose to give thanks 

With family and friends

Because we are by his grace alive and living

I say to you, I say to all

A Happy and Fearless Thanksgiving

William Owens

America’s Poet

Copyright 2019

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