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Copyright (c) 2020 by William Owens

Who Am I?
Who are you?
Who Are We as a Nation
When we refuse to celebrate the beauty of our pigmentation
To enjoy the God-given expression of our uniqueness as a person

How long will we allow ourselves to be held prisoner by this systemic sickness called racism
Kept alive by an ideology of division
Rooted in a self righteous mindset that is twisted
A visceral of heartsick
Conscience seared
Soul disturbed
A darkness of ideology
That plays the herd
To their own detriment
A fear baiting deranged agenda
That has bankrupted our moral compass and made us pretenders

I’m not who you say I am
As a man
— Who defends
As a woman
— Who nourishes
As an American
— Who embraces liberty and stands for justice
As an individual
— With God-given gifts bursting with capacity

To love
— with passion
To live
— with courage
To give
— with compassion
To receive
— In humility

I will stretch forth my hands unto the God of this land
I will lift my voice and make a righteous noise
I will not react
I will respond
I will activate my vote
For that which is true to rule
I will participate in this republic

I am black
I am brown
I am white
I am red
I am America!

For those who don’t think I am
You are blind
And cannot understand
I will pray for you
Just know that you cannot stop
From Making America Great…

I am America!

Submission Guidelines

a  WI)As long as the guidelines are up, we are still accepting submissions.

If you are being invited to participate in the video production of this poem, please follow the following guidelines. If you have any questions, please send me an email to william@americaspoet.com

PLEASE NOTE: When you submit your poem, you automatically give us the right to use your video in this production without compensation of any kind. If selected, your name will be listed in the credits.

You may choose to read the entire poem or a portion thereof.

When you read the poem do so from you heart and with passion. Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Your phone or video camera sit up properly so that there is no movement.
  2. Natural lighting. Nothing professional, just be sure you are clear and visible.
  3. No background sounds or noises.
  4. Good to excellent audio
  5. Speak clear and define your words in a deliberate manner
  6. Do not rush
  7. After you start recording, count to 3 to yourself before you start actually speaking.
  8. If you read the entire poem, be sure you give breaks in between the paragraphs of at least 2 seconds
  9. Keep good eye contact. DO NOT LOOK AT YOURSELF while recording. Look at the camera lens
  10. EVERYONE MUST SAY with a smile, with love and with passion  -I AM _________________  (whatever your ethnicity)  (Pause) I AM AMERICA!   
  11. If it is a small video clip, use messenger. If large, upload your video for FREE to https://wetransfer.com/ and then send the link to my email address HERE.
  12. Deadline: If this is still here, you have time. Submit ASAP.
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