By William Owens | Copyright 2018

We are resilient as a people
Bold with talents that are powerful 

Our endurance is epic
voice is distinct 
feet are strong
hands are gifted
Our Love is deep
        yet complex 
Faith persistent
Our loyalty at times 

We are nonetheless a resilient people

Pressing towards that high calling…
        of God
Achieving the dream set in us
        At birth 
There are yet screams within
        our souls
To be healed of 
        past pains
That drain our resolve
        Again and again

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Image from the Poetic Expressions Concert

Our stubborn will refuse 
        to forgive 
We, therefore, sell ourselves
        as slaves
To an ideology that uses phraseology
Hypnotizing us to become numb
        to our own conscious
We have no excuse
To let ourselves be used
To be abused even by our own

Black Leaders enriching themselves 
As young men die on our streets
        Because we fail to met their needs
Blood on the hands of those who lead us 
        from the bodies our babies murdered 
60 million Evicted from the sacred womb
        of their homes
With screams from the pain that we simply  cannot comprehend
Beat the drum of war against this bloody sacrifice to demons! 

We are nonetheless a resilient people

We have come to recognize
The favor of God on our lives
Will no longer trivialize the issues
Or be taken for granite
We will RISE
With optimism 
Work with those who celebrate progress
Not complicate and regress 
Because of a fret based on a history 
That can be healed from the glorious light of reconciliation 
Made ours through the power of Christ Resurrection 

We thank God for the struggle
We thank God for the journey
We thank God for all things new

The old old is dead
The vanguards of bitterness are being replaced
New vessels of wine
New dresses and ties
We are no longer bound
        But made alive

We will declare aloud
    With all Americans by our sides
We are Americans!
We are Black!
We are achievers, believers, explorers, inventors
Entrepreneurs, actors, poets, and preachers
Husbands, wives, friends, teachers, and fierce enemies of those who won’t stand for truth
We are Allies for All That is Good, that is love, that Is free
We are A Resilient People
A resilient people are we!

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