Trepidation is an emotion of relation to an idea that hasn’t even happened

It’s an imagination that compels an orientation to an assumed outcome of devastation

Trepidation is a trip down a road of worry that only gets blurry and forces one to hurry

In hopes to dissolve what is not really there

A shadow

A lie

An attack against love of trust in God

That soon has you asking why?

Why what?

How could there be an answer to what’s not there

A reason for an imagination that has captured your mind with twisted ideas

That don’t even exist.

This lie you must resist

The lull into this matrix of illusions of this manipulative intrusion can be brought to nothing by simply resting in the one who has risen

The rise is the proof that justifies

The power that rectifies, purifies and shines bright on the lie

Yield your heart to Jesus who is alive

Who has risen without compromise

That’s required to bring the harmony you seek

The peace

The joy

A newness of life

A shift in the relation of ourselves with ourselves that uproots, destroys and nullifies 

The trepidation of my soul, of my mind and of my heart 

I now receive in child like faith the rest and the peace of Almighty God

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