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america’s poet

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Books that encourages our faith, honors our

God, and celebrates our nation - America! 

Poems for America

William wrote a poem on 9/14/16 entitled “America In Trouble”. He then followed with “Prayer as an American”. The poems continued to flow. He therefore committed to write a poem everyday until the elections for a total of 53 poems.

Journey By Faith

Discovering God’s Will and fulfilling it by faith alone is carefully explained in this book to be the most mysterious and yet joyous journey a human being can take. It will serve as an awakening to the consciousness of every soul who longs for the deepest place of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Bastards In The Pulpit

In these days of apostasy, we must realize that not everyone in the pulpit is of God. Hebrews 12:8 tells us if you are without chastisement, then are ye bastards and not sons. We should not be surprised that there are indeed BASTARDS in the Pulpit. Overall William’s BEST SELLER.

Naked Before God - Poetry

During these sacred moments, William unashamedly bares his heart before God and exposes himself to the unfathomable grace, love, and understanding that God is so willing to show him. Suddenly – words that express his heart begin to flow!

Warriors Arise!

The purpose of this book is to point you to the power of God’s Word within you. If you do not have God’s governing authority working through you to bring about His will in the earth, any hope that you possess will be quickly swept away by this forthcoming conflict.


Astonished! Is about allowing God to “experience you” through your personal journey of faith. Whether through a bike trek across America, a devastating sickness, the building of a company, a suffering relationship with children, or even divorce. 

I Am America

William Sharing at The People's Convoy in Hagerstown, MD Who Am I? Who are you? Who Are We as a Nation When we refuse to celebrate the beauty of our pigmentation To enjoy the God-given expression of our uniqueness as a person I am black I am brown I am red I am white...

Forgive Me

The toughest person to forgive is ourselves. When we refuse to do so, we are not able to forgive others because we are held captive by the this condemnation that we then impose on others.

Let It Go

I release my grip on that which would rip  My heart apart  I remove myself  From everything and everyone that does not give me rest  I let it go  That my soul may soar to heights unimaginable   That my mind might capture...


In the midst of uncertainty that grips our nation may we ever be mindful that hope is always alive and always will be. May we take hold of this force given by God alone to become all that He has ordained us to become. Nothing can separate us from His Love! Sunshine on...

We Are a Resilient People

Our endurance is epic
voice is distinct
feet are strong
hands are gifted
Our Love is deep
yet complex
Faith persistent
Our loyalty at times

The Melody of My Life

After watching the movie, "Unplanned", my heart was torned as I witnessed the process of what happens during an abortion. It was one morning when I awoke that God wispered to me, The Melody of My Life. It would be the voice of the unborn child speaking to us about...

A Resilient People

I wrote this poem as I reflected on the history of Black Americans and how resilient we have been to overcome the many obstacles that have challenged our resolved. We are truly a resilient people!

About William

Passionate about God

Fearless believer in Jesus

Adamant about Truth

Artistic in expression

Poetic with his words

Determine in his mission

Present in his vision

As I rode my book 1,014 miles from NV to TX I came face to face with people from all walks of life in different shapes and sizes that desired one thing: courage to do their passion and the step to discover what that is. Filled with pictures, video and my story, you’ll be challenged to Astonish God with your life everyday.

William Owens, Jr.

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