The suicide rate is on the rise and we must push back against this lie that seeks to take precious life. After being asked by a radio talk show host to submit a spoken word piece, though I had several mentions in some of my works, I wrote this tonight. As I reflect on this topic deeply, I am even more sobered by the horrific fact that the current state of things in our nation are driving more people to seek means to cope and suicide will crawl its way methodically to the top if one is not watchful and prayerful. I pray that each of us will become aware of this spirit and extend prayers over our family and communities while being watchful for those who are struggling.

Suicide is riddled with illusions of outcomes that are never fulfilled

It appears to be an exit from what you feel

The pain

The anguish

The absenteeism of genuine affection

It’s a conundrum that is never-ending

So we think we can end it by no longer breathing

Becoming non-existent 

Stop the thinking 

Just go blank

Suicide is riddled with lies

As to why 

That’s why it takes a while to try

Sometimes multiple times

It appears in your head to create a rationale to eliminate yourself

Truth will not be silenced when you die

It will still speak to you on the other side 

And ask you why

You took what wasn’t yours to take

Your face was not your face

You are more than whom you see yourself to be

You are a gift beyond the pale anguish that troubles you 

It is the trouble that is making you

Suicide is the voice of an intruder 

One who is the coldest coward

Petrified of who you are

Of What you mean to the faces who embrace your essence

To the purpose of your existence 

To the tapestry of your community

A gift from God

His grace gives you immunity 

From this wretched voice of vice

That seeks to take your life

You have been graced to live

To thrive 

To fulfill your destiny in this life

Dare you lay hands on yourself

You are not of those who shall give up and quit

You must fight this good fight of faith

Suicide is riddled with twisted narratives 

Less you reject its voice and choose to live

To live loud

To push back the dark

To declare right now

I shall live

I shall rise

I shall fly high above the sky

I rebuke you Suicide 

Copyright 2020 by William Owens. All rights Reserved.

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