About William

William Owens is a prolific author of 16 books and over 1,500 poems. He has traveled America by bike for over 1,000 miles and now continues his journey by Motorhome, sharing the power of God’s grace for hope, love, and forgiveness!

His new CD, Naked Poetry – Laying Bare My Heart Before God and Worship Experience, is captured with poetry that peels by the toughest of skin and confronts the issues we face with authentic words and expressions that bring you into a sphere of God’s presence that is tangible. 

As a percussionist, William presents spontaneous beats of worship on his congas and improv of songs that are, in many cases, new. Through faith, he expects God to make known to Him new songs that flow from spending time with God – for God alone.

Through his own personal journey, William knows God as Abba, Papa, and friend. He relishes his relationship with Jesus as his Savior, interceder, and the one Who alone redeemed him through His death and justified him through His resurrection. The Holy Spirit teaches William and reveals words and rhythms to him that could only come from the sacred place of heaven.

Prepare to be captured, raptured, and challenged as you participate, with your soul becoming Naked as you along with William, bare your heart before the Lord.

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